Elite Revolutionary Coaching Program

with Kat Stwrtetschka

Orgasmic Millionaires

Orgasmic Millionaires is an Elite Revolutionary Coaching Program for 2% of Courageous Power Women that are ready to break out of the old programmed world, explode beyond all limits of possibility and be reborn into an Ultra-rich, Soul-electrified, Paradise Life in just 3 weeks.

This is a Feminine Revolution

Get Your Millions through feminine beauty and your energy and not by hard overworking.

In Orgasmic Millionaires, you will receive a Master Key and learn a Core Practice that will make you instantly successful.

1 Million in 4 Weeks

Kat made her first million in 4 weeks, then she made 2.3 million in 7 weeks using Orgasmic Millionaires Core Practice.

650.000 in 3 days


Julia made 650.000 in 3 days using Orgasmic Millionaires Core Practice.

It's so easy!

People can't believe it!


And it's all done by your beauty, your electric energy and all your emotions.
It's easy when you know how!



Welcome, Goddess

Welcome to a New Paradigm where the unbelievable is possible!
My name is Kat, I am a revolution coach for courageous power women. I lead women beyond the old paradigm into the new world where they can create out of their Soul unbelievable paradise life in a super feminine, easy and fast way. I will teach you how to become a (multi) millionaire in a very fast and deeply orgasmic way using my Core Mastery Practice - this is the key to complete liberation and getting what you want FAST.

You Are a Leader Woman

You are a Mastery Leader Woman, you want BIG things and aren't afraid to say it and go after it!

You know you will be a millionaire!

You are deeply emotional and very intelligent. You are already successful. You know how to get things done, reach your goals and create what you want. You have made your first 100.000 - 300.000.- Euro. Congratulations for going for your power and dream! For over-jumping borders of consciousness and living who you truly are!!!!




  • You don't know how to expand more into millions, how to reach this further expansion. Even though you know you are a Leader you can't do it. (And this makes you angry because you know manifestation)
  • You have tried everything but things are still not working - you feel you are still not doing your Big work.
  • You are overworked and have no capacity to do more...

It is not easy to get out of the old heavy paradigm matrix on our own. In fact, it is nearly impossible. As orgasmic, emotional, power woman you need the right KEY and support that will help you let go of the chains of your current world that has been so painful and so limiting for you.

The Forbidden Paradise

The Forbidden Paradise is an Exotic reality that is waiting for you on the other side of your Fear. Only the Brave & the Fearless can enter into this exotic new world. The luxuries, limitless shopping, Prada bags, 20 Gucci sunglasses, travels to New York, LA, London, Paris and back like it's a walk in the park. The ease, the ecstasy of days that are so unpredictable, anything can happen! No more boring days of working, following the plans that drain your body and suffocate your Soul. Your life becomes an Electric Adventure, so unique to you - so amazing, so exciting - you can't believe this could be real.
But now there is this heavy wall, a border that separates you from this new rich orgasmic world. This border is made by the silent guilt, shame, and judgment of the suppressed world around you. Deep-wired conditioning, heavy mindsets, that don't allow you to move, to be and to want what you want.
Being too rich - forbidden. Too sexy - forbidden. Wanting Big things - forbidden. They will judge you: "Who does she think she is."
How do you break free from this old limited world and get to the other side - to your Paradise, to your Multimillions of Truth, Power, and Easiness? How do you cross this border to the new world?

Your Suppressed Power

On the surface, it looks like you are busy working toward your goals but the truth is Goddess that you are hiding.
Without even knowing this, you are playing the role of a nice girl, a good girl, who's hiding in a safe cage of her own fear.
This is a subconscious fear of the judgment and shock that would come from others if they would see you fully expressed and letting your Big Raw Unapologetic Power out.
So instead, you are hiding behind your busy work, because working is an allowed / acceptable / approved way of getting what you want.
The alternative is too scary. The alternative requires complete Liberation of everything that you are - a liberation of your Fearless Fire Goddess. This Goddess doesn't wait for permission to do what she wants. She doesn't care if she is inappropriate, too loud, too sexy, too rich, too fast, if she makes a mistake… And yes, it's very scary to let your full Expression out for everyone to see and judge, but this is what it takes if you want millions fast.
That is why I only take women that are fully ready for liberation into my program - women that are ready to Jump into the Fire and leave the old, the heavy, the limited way COMPLETELY behind.

Millions Therapy

Making (Multi) Millions in 2 weeks demands your Biggest Energy. Making (Multi) Millions in 2 weeks is Rebellious, it's Wild and it brings you for the first time to your True Big Energy.
You are a special kind of woman with a special kind of power. All your life you could never fit in, you were too much, you were too beautiful, had too much energy, you didn't feel accepted so you stayed contracted in yourself and played small. But you see, exactly this pain of never fitting in - this is a special, rare energy that only a few have and this is your biggest Power. That which was always "too much", that which was always "forbidden", is what will bring you your electric, orgasmic, multi-explosion, your paradise and your multi-millions...
And this is where a wounded Swan with a wounded heart finally comes home, home to herself, to her expansion, to her Truth, to her Rebel, her Beauty, and her Wildest Bravery.
In Orgasmic Millionaires, you will finally get permission to be as Big as you truly are, as Fast as you truly are and as beautiful as you truly are. By exploding into your Biggest Unbounded Expression you will finally liberate your True Soul's Big Energy and this is your deepest healing.
And exactly this is the Big Feminine Revolution because the judgment of the world was so wrong. Living your Big Energy is the Highest Spiritual Truth and it is how you finally come home.



Orgasmic Millionaires is a Multidimensional portal to the new world

In Orgasmic Millionaires Elite Coaching Program, you will receive the best future visionary tools that you need so you can finally come home to yourself, to your expansion, your Paradise and your Multi-millions.
It's 90% about your energy. The other 10% is about building the best business structure.
All the other coaching programs were still made by the old, linear model of reality. The difference here is that you get the Core Practice and this opens you to the field beyond and to your emotional Truth because this practice comes from the new world.


Liberate Your Feminine Core

When your core awakens you become your Big Power. You become as powerful as you are, as fast as you are and as beautiful as you are.

How do we do this?


Receive the Paradise

You will receive the support, encouragement and love that you need to finally walk into the forbidden land - your paradise.

How do we do this?


Download Your Soul Business

Your business, your marketing will now come 100% from your Goddess Energy. Once your Core is opened you will download your Soul Program in less than 2 weeks - it's revolutionary!

How do we do this?
  • Application
Seats are rare and always immediately booked out.
If you want the next available seat to be yours you can make a very strong application by taking our questionnaire.
Let us feel your power, let us feel your decision and we will get back to you if we feel you are ready for this. To become a millionaire in 4 weeks, you need to really be ready to leave the old completely behind and walk into the Fire with nothing but your Soul.

What is inside?

  • Recorded Videos

  • Group Live Calls

  • Private Facebook Group

  • 2x One-on-One Sessions

  • Mastermind Mindset Training and Diploma

9 Modules - Recorded Videos

9 Modules that will step-by-step guide you through a very deep transformation. In this holy process, you will let go of everything that has been holding you back. Your soul will open fully, and you easily slide into your mission and to your first million. You live your greatness and you stick to your truth, without being thrown back into your old, familiar life. 

Group Live Calls

3x a week we hold group Live Calls, that will instantly lift you up to the next level. In our group of strongest power women, the biggest miracles happen. We’re experiencing our breakthroughs together. This is your heart-space, and your strength is being supported by the group! You are finally HOME, where you can be strong, intense and very beautiful. We love greatness and power. It’s time to come home!

Private Facebook Group

Your daily, ecstatic manifestation training will be done inside our Facebook group. This high-energy temple allows you to energize your goal every single day. This space is the soul of our work. Beauty, highest frequencies and manifestation through words and pictures will bring you to your goal instantly. This is where the magic happens!

2x One-on-One Sessions

Working one-on-one with Kat will bring your biggest transformation. Thanks to her revolutionary strategy to connect you with your inner core, you will make quantum leaps in no time. This is where you’ll receive your soul download. It’s a shortcut to unlimited fun and your biggest success. By manifesting your dream life and your true mission straight from your core, success happens instantly! You finally attract your true clients! It’s magic!

Mastermind Mindset Training and Diploma

In this training, you’ll receive the highest qualification to be an amazing Mindset Coach. With one of the most successful strategies, you will help guide groups to their highest goals. This training enables you to run Mindset groups on the highest level. With this power training, you will be a true Mindset expert.


What you receive


This Diploma allows you to open up your Highest Masterminds and lead leaders to their highest goals.


You will learn how to open and organize your first Millionaires Mastermind. You will be the best money coach on this planet.


In this highest class of work, you need to know the essentials of a really good business contract that will support your business model.


Earning millions needs grounding and the right business model that supports your true energy. You will learn new, liberating and easy ways of how to run your business.


You will learn how to do the best, easy marketing! It's ecstatic, orgasmic and nourishes you, instead of headaches of not knowing how to do it or feeling uncomfortable! This time is forever over!!!!


When your goddess awakens you don't need to do any sales calls anymore, people register through messenger directly and send a screenshot of 5-figure payments and are ecstatically, life-changingly happy doing this.


In this highest income field, you need a completely new business model from your core. You need to understand why the best assistant is a money multiplicator and how to organize yourself in this new adventure of having the greatest team around you that is working with you towards the millions.


You will learn how to deal with difficult clients and people around you. For a highly sensitive woman, negative energy and haters are like a poison. If she doesn't know how to deal with them, she loses her power and her whole business is at risk. You will learn how to transform this low energy into your greatest power.


So many Leader Women recognize for the first time in my space how big their energy truly is, how fast they truly are! They didn't know before. Their business was heavy and not working. Getting the permission to be yourself truly and fully for the first time, opens gates of energy and income of 650.000.- in 3 days is the result of you finally living your truth.


Everything in this elite coaching space is based on the highest new energy that leads you to your Electric Ecstacy - living every day from your highest liberation state.


You will be surrounded by the same powerful and beautiful Goddesses with the same special energy as you have. You will finally feel at home, understood and supported by the energy field held by each woman.


The awakening of your unique true Goddess is the highest state of liberation. You will vibrate your Truth into the world and everything will unfold very easily and effortlessly.

MONEY Moneyfestation

The best feminine strategy from your core for manifesting money that will also teach you about what money truly is!


Living free! No Guilt, no shame! Living out of your Unique Soul! Not following anyone's rules anymore! No suppression! Just your unique highest field, guided by your Soul!!! The orgasmic explosion. Never ever get trapped again by the old stories!


ELITE TOOLS for instant success: best, feminine mindset tools to train your mind and body to reach the Highest Truest Expression.


You will get your Unique Soul Key. This High Energy Code lifts you into your Highest Truth. From there you never ever can play small again, because you know your Soul Mission, you know your Unique Frequency. This is where instant success and sometimes, instant millions come from.


Beauty is the highest feminine power. And EVERY woman is beautiful in her own unique way. Old programming told us that we are not beautiful, or that we are too beautiful, so we suppressed this high power quality within us. In this highest revolutionary space, you will align yourself to your unique beauty, to your most amazing wild radiance!!!


All the tools will lead you out of the limited world into your unique soul expression! This goes so fast!

“Thanks so much that I got invited to the “Inner Circle of New Women Leaders Worldwide”. I can feel so much strong energy here, 20 solid power women. Thanks for making me feel that this is my space. Thanks for making me feel this way, so easy, delicate and incredibly powerful. Thanks for letting me introduce myself tomorrow! Thank you, Kat for the unbelievable structure you are gifting to us! It’s so easy! I’m thankful that I will start filming videos tomorrow, and for the view from my bedroom, the pretty glacier, the moon, millions of stars, it’s absolutely incredible.”

- Daniela Sinsel


“Kat is an exceptionally gifted coach and feminine Leader. She’s been guiding me with her fullest heart and she leads vigorously, with infinite knowledge, downright centered and focused. Her knowledge is big, sensual and extraordinary. With her unique intuition, she has helped me jump into my goals instantly!

- Melanie Dyck



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